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Ferrari Approved

When Approved, it stands out

Ferrari Approved is a pre-owned certification program designed to guarantee maximum security and peace of mind to owners purchasing Ferraris registered within the last 14 years.

2015 Ferrari California T Rosso Corsa Ds 322 Nero 8500 (Black)
2014 Ferrari F12berlinetta Special Request - Rosso Berlinetta Cioccolato

2014 Ferrari F12berlinetta

Special Request - Rosso Berlinetta
5,500 mi
2017 Ferrari 488 GTB Special Request - Rosso Corsa Met. Nero 8500 (Black)

2017 Ferrari 488 GTB

Special Request - Rosso Corsa Met.
Nero 8500 (Black)
11,050 mi
2020 Ferrari Portofino Special Request - Blu Elettrico Nero 8500 (Black)

2020 Ferrari Portofino

Special Request - Blu Elettrico
Nero 8500 (Black)
500 mi
2018 Ferrari 488 GTB Rosso Scuderia Cuoio 4609
2018 Ferrari 488 GTB Rosso Corsa Ds 322 Nero 8500 (Black)

2018 Ferrari 488 GTB

Rosso Corsa Ds 322
Nero 8500 (Black)
1,900 mi
2019 Ferrari 488 GTB Rosso Corsa Ds 322 Crema 3997 (Cream)

2019 Ferrari 488 GTB

Rosso Corsa Ds 322
Crema 3997 (Cream)
320 mi

Technical Inspection

Owning a new or preowned Ferrari is the realisation of a dream. It is an expression of passion for a brand that represents motoring history. Ferrari Approved cars are always monitored and in perfect condition. In fact, the programme comprises a series of wide-ranging checks and several guarantees:

  • Detailed technical inspection by Ferrari technicians at Charles Hurst
  • Verification of origin and maintenance history
  • Presale preparation of the exterior and interior
  • Ferrari guarantee of up to 24 months
  • Ferrari roadside assistance of up to 24 months

Ferrari Approved submits every used Ferrari to a series of checks approved by the Parent Company, carried out at any official dealer, the first point of contact and reference for the customer.

Highly skilled Ferrari technicians specially trained at Maranello perform the operations.

One hundred and ninety individual checks are carried out before a used Ferrari can receive the Approved “licence”. The methods and benefits of the Ferrari Approved programme may vary in some countries. For full details, contact us or visit Charles Hurst.

The list of main operations testifies to a detailed examination:

  • Mechanical operation test
  • Test on the operation of the Electrical system
  • Liquid levels check
  • Examination of the state of the suspension, brakes, cooling system and steering system
  • Secondary checks on air conditioning, dashboard and safety systems
  • Operation of lights, wheels and tyres (tread depth and pressure)

All this takes place in compliance with Ferrari standards of safety, performance, and reliability. Following the checks, experienced testers try out the car and the new owner receives a written analysis with a list of the checks performed.

The history of Ferrari Approved models is transparent. Every item of information is verified, to check originality, mileage, and changes of ownership.

We also confirm the performance of the scheduled maintenance activities recommended by the Company.

Warranty and Assistance

A Ferrari Approved car enjoys the Ferrari warranty and roadside assistance of up to 24 months. The assistance covers the cost of parts and labour for major repairs. A Ferrari Approved car has an unlimited mileage warranty, except for parts subject to routine maintenance, such as tyres, brake pads and brake discs, or normal wear and tear.

The assistance programme is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and includes:

  • Assistance in the event of breakdown anywhere
  • Travel and accommodation costs as well as transport to an official Ferrari dealer, wherever possible
  • Rental car available during repair

If the journey cannot be continued, the driver and passengers will be promptly assisted.


The description of the features and benefits of the Ferrari Approved programme is for information purposes only. The content of the Information document may vary depending on the language selected. For detailed information, please consult the official Ferrari network.

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